God has made a full automatic computer for all living creatures in the form of the nine planets. The effects good of bad are given by the planets and the Nakshtras or stars. Man gets auspicious or inauspicious effects from these planets and stars. To get auspicious effects from them man will have to perform his moral duties. If he keeps himself away from performing his moral duties he will certainly get inauspicious effects, and if he performs his moral duties, the planet giving in auspicious effects will not five him inauspicious effects this is not a certainty because the Karmas' (actions) of man's previous birth may prevent him from getting fully auspicious effects.

What is man's moral duty?
Those actions which are done properly following the rules of morality and keeping tradition and with out causing harm to anyone are called moral duties. It is also to be kept in mind that we have not to give cooperation to those who do such actions are against nature's law or as give trouble to living creatures: If we do so we also become sharer in sinful actions.

  • All kinds of intoxicants, eating of eggs, flesh or meat are to avoided.
  • Lead an honest life.
  • Avoid giving false witness and telling lies.
  • Do not usurp a brother's right.
  • Do not usurp the right of daughter, sister, aunt, on the contrary try to keep them pleased to the utmost, give them sweets, fruits etc. occasionally.
  • Keep aside a gau grass, a chapati to give it to a cow, crow or dog.
  • Give full respect to an elderly person, a saint or a sage, guru and father and mother.
  • Avoid seducing another man's wife or another woman's husband.
  • Don't keep a temple inside your house or don't keep a larger than I inches high idol in your place of worship.
  • Give water to peepal tree, the sun and Shiva Linga.
  • Flow into water occasionally dried coconut, lead, almonds, black "urad" (a pulse).
  • Get blessing from an old woman (whose hair has grown white and who has become a widow) by touching her feet.
  • Give occasionally toffee, sweets (Besan key Laddoo) etc to young girls (girls below seven years of age) and touch their feet.
  • Make a snake drink milk. Don't give money to the snake charmer instead of milk for a snake.
  • Dont wear black shoes of leather or chappals in the period of Saturn (Shani).
  • Put mark (tilak) of kaiser on the forehead daily.
  • Black mark (tilak) or mark of bhabhoot (ash) deludes the sense.
  • Take bath in the Ganga on some occasions.
  • Avoid wearing all kinds of amulet (charm), mauli and taking dried coconut, bhabhoot (ash). Dont keep them in your home or wear them on your body. If you get them as 'prasad' flow them in the Ganga.
  • Avoid having diamonds, stones and gems. The auspicious effect of these is not obtained by all. If you have to wear them do so in consultation with one learned in K.P. Jyotish (Astrology).
  • All kinds of auspicious deeds, giving alms, charities etc are to be done in the presence or light of the Sun.
  • Don't do alteration or deception in the measurement of sugar, petroleum products and theft in electricity.
  • Don't make a kitchen, bathroom and toilet under stairs in your building.
  • Don't keep rubbish, scrape etc on the roof the house.
  • Don't plant any kinds of thorny trees and milky trees in the premises of your house, you may plant parijat tree or trees giving fruits.
  • When passing by a grave yard or a place of cremation put some money according as you wish.
  • The worship of idol made of panch dhatu (five metals) done in the night is always auspicious and brings auspicious effects.
  • On remaining constantly ill wear the golden idol of your ishta devata (deity) set in a ring or wear it round your neck in a locket.
  • Wearing necklace or strings of beads, ring of navaratna, wearing ring of stones in fingers are not auspicious for the common people, they may be auspicious for venerable saints (Muslims).
  • Keeping broken furniture in a house is always harmful.
  • If you observe the above quoted divine formulas, rules of morality certainly success will be yours.
"There is treatment of disease even without medicine but there is no cure of death. It is fundamental accounting, there is no claim to be Godly in it.

Astrologer Pancham Singh Chauhan
M.A. (Philosophy) and Jyotish Visharad (K.P.)