About Chintaharan Jyotish Kendra
Man’s life is precious but mostly it is full of worries. The main reason of it is to regard ‘ Karma’ as above destiny. The fact is that it is Destiny which is the creator or lord of every event. Even the events of our daily life are predetermined. It is destiny which compels man to do good or evil deed. Now the question arises what destiny is. Its simple answer is that destiny is born out of our actions or deeds, that is actions done by man (in previous birth) have their effect on man’s life in the form of destiny. Now a new question arises how the game of destiny in man’s life will commence, how it will be played and how the answer to these questions will be known. In order to know it our ancient sages discovered that light of ‘Isha’ in which that destiny might be seen, that is, they discovered Jyotish. It has been therefore said that ‘Jyotish’ is the learning which reveals destiny.

Man’s life is related to three times - past, present and future times. Past refers to that time which has occurred in man’s life; that which is occurring is known as the present time and that which will occur in the time to come will be referred to as future time. “We should not think about the Past and the Future time” is the sermon preached by Loard Krishna in ‘The Gita’; because thinking about Past results in repentance and that about future results in causing fear or worry. It is because of this that scriptures or religious books of all religions advise us to live in the present. We have reached the conclusion that ‘Joytish’ is such a learning which enables us to know about all the above referred three times. Taking undue advantage of it some selfish greedy persons, degraded and mischievous persons made Jyotish as the chief means of their living. As a consequence they got the general public introduced to the past events, had them in their confidence, made them feel the worry of future and propagated that if they wanted to be free of future worries, they would have to get performed that religious rite, would have to wear that gem and, would have to get done that ‘Tantra’; and a lay man is caught in the meshes of the witty words of these mischievous persons and is got robbed of his hard earned money. In such cases there occurs loss of money instead of profit. The absurd, meaning less predictions made by these greedy selfish persons cause injury and hurt to our religious beliefs, because their predictions seem to establish our gods and goddesses as corrupt and they accept bribe. The simplest meaning of a god or goddess is a giver. Gods and goddesses expect from man only this much that he might pray to get intellectual power and keeping in mind the wish that all may be happy and the desires of all may be fulfilled should create an atmosphere of purity and cleanliness.

My purpose of writing about the above subject is this that every event big or small occurring in man’s life is predetermined which cannot be changed with any kind of measures Mantra may be an effective means when a man himself recites the mantras, it is proved by linguistics or science of language. The mantra recited by some other person will not give you any benefit. If a as selfish, corrupt, mischievous person promises you to solve your problems and ward off your evils by doing some rites, recitation of mantras or by doing other measures and demands big amount of money in return for it, that cheat will go back if you ask him to give money back guarantee (Guarantee of giving back the money in the condition of the work not being done), and in this way you will be saved from having financial loss. Such astrologers may talk to you about not taking any money from you. So that you may be entrapped by them because such people have only one aim, to make you worried by indicating the fear of future and to cheat you by causing you financial and mental loss. Another question also arises as to how we may accept destiny as above all, as most mighty, the answer to this question is – when even after doing utmost efforts man does not get success in his attempt, he is forced to accept that destiny is above everything, it is the mightiest. Lord Krishna in the 'Gita' speaks of doing self less action without having the desire of effects. It clearly means that effects are not in your control. How then the selfish astrologers can make you get desired results by doing sacrificial rites for you. Saint Tulsi Dass also write in his Ramacharitmanas “Only that which has been created by Rama, will happen; therefore it is useless to argue and increase the quarrel over it. Therefore the purpose of the establishment of ‘Chintraharan Jyotish Kendra’ is to make men free of cares and worries by guiding him on the right path.

Note: There is no defect of any kind in any horoscope, such as the defect of Kalsarpa Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Gandmool Dosh, Mangal Dosh the Sadhe Saati of Shani (Saturn) Shani ki Panoti the exaltation and fall of planets etc. It is the situation of the planets in the horoscope which is helpful in making predictions; seeing the situation of planets in the horoscope, indicating the defects in it and cheating the native or the customer of his money, these are not proper and helpful in making predictions.