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Those natives who do not have their Janma Kundalies (Horoscopes) remain disappointed and dejected at the time of suffering thinking that they donot have their horoscope and wish that they had it and that they might know with the help of Astrology how long their in auspicious period will continue and how long they will suffer. But such persons need not be disappointed and should not be frightened. For natives who could not get their Kundalis or horoscopes prepared because on not knowing the correct date and the correct timing of their birth, there is Prasna Jyotisha or Horary Astrology for such persons in which we can make predictions exactly like that which is made according to the Kundali or horoscope. Different methods of making predictions according to Prasna Jyotish or Horary Astrology have been adopted, but in this respect the method of making prediction according to K.S. Krushnamurty or K. Bhaskaran Paddhati has no other alternative. Therefore those natives who have no Janmakundlis or Horoscopes should not feel worried.

O mother Sharde! Give me such blessing that each one of my prediction may prove to absolutely true and correct.

Having known all these virtues and facts about Astrology it is pissible that the curiosity to learn Astrology should how grown in you. Even if it has not grown in you, even then each individual should learn Astrology in order to make a proper use of his time so that he may be benefited by it himself, and those who are unemployed may make it a means of earning income. Now a days the science of astrology is a very good source of earning income. One can also get respect and honour in society and in the country; the demand of the astrologer has increased in many spheres (fields) of life like industry, Police department, medical department etc. and in the coming times it will be greatly increased so much so that the shortage of Astrologers will be strongly felt. Therefore, one has to make firm resolution of learning Astrology.

Prashan Kundli

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