Birth Time Rectification

The traditional astrologers make the Kundli of a native according to the time of birth given to them by the native while it is not necessary that the time of birth given by the native is absolutely correct, because it is seen in our day to day life that there remains difference in the time given by watches and it is also not necessary that the watch at the nursing home or at the place of birth shows absolutely correct time. And in this way we generally see that difference of time’s are found to be from 1 minute to 5-10 minutes and the prediction made by that Kundali, which is prepared on the basis of incorrect time will also be incorrect.

The incorrect time even by one minute may bring undesirable change in prediction and it will help in making astrology and astrologer ridiculous and laughable. The astrologer following Krishnamurty Paddhati (K.P. System) remains alert and careful. It is because of this that the astrologers following K.P. System or K. B. System make the same prediction about a Kundali even at different places.

It increases the importance of astrology and it is proved that astrology is a divine science, while on the contrary the traditional astrologers make different predictions about the same Kundli at the same place, the result of which is that the astrologers them selves become objects of ridicule and laughter and at the same time they render this divine science of astrology also non science and worthy of ridicule.