Astro Vastu
The science of vastu is a very ancient science this fact is easily evidenced in religions places of worship built several hundred years ago, the palaces of Emperors and kings, the establishment or settlements of villages and cities. If we examine closely the religious places of worship and palaces we can see the evidence of the knowledge of Vastu. The place of every thing has been fixed according to the rules of Vastu so that the people living there or those who often come there may lead a happy and prosperous life, may have to face minimum difficulties etc. The meaning is that behind it there lies the purpose of leading a happy and prosperous life which is human nature.

Man takes various kinds of measures in order to make his life happy, prosperous and comfortable, of these measures Vastu is one. But man forgets it that Vastu is related only to an individual's own life and not to his issues who will be his successors ofter his death. It is often seen that a father made his life happy and earned much wealth happy by observing the rules of Vastu. But after his death his successor inherited and took charge of his business and properly. But very soon the prosperous business and property earned and acquired by his father was destroyed. Workers in his business came in opposition to him, and so his bungalows and kothis, cars etc. were sold, he was entangled in litigation and there arose other reasons of his ruin.

Now seeing the above mentioned incident or the great change occurring in the son's life the question arises why the Vastu established by his father was not of any benefit to the son. It is from this point that the journey of Vastu starts.

Today it is only the House Construction on art which has been taken to be the real Vastu which is quite wrong. It is an ordinary art which can be easily understood even by an ordinary person and house can be built by him as per the names of directions. Is this enough? The answer to this question is "no" It is after the construction of the house that the real Vastu Shastra starts, and this Vastu Shastra is called Astro Logical Vastu Shastra or Astro - Vastu. It is this Astro Vastu which is related with the rise and fall of man and it is determined on the basis of a man's horoscope. In other words it is on the basis of the horoscope of the chief of the family that the Vastu of a house is determined. After the death of this chief of the family the Vastu of the house is determined on the basis of the horoscope of the person who will be chief of the family and in future this order will continue to be followed. It is this Astro Vastu which gives happiness and prosperity to a person from one generation to another. It is this which is our research and it is some thing new in the world of Astrology and it has been found to be true.

Benefits of Astro Vastu

Astro Vastu shows its benefits at:
  • some body's in the family being and remaining ill.
  • When there is delay in the marriages of one's issues.
  • On business being inconstant.
  • On married life's being deprived of happiness.
  • When obtainment of progeny is delayed.
  • When all the civilised members of the family are not in harmony with one another.
  • When one is depressed and is burdened with mental stress.
  • You may get benefits through Astro - Vastu in all the above written cases. Therefore you are advised to consult Astro Vastu.
Hoi Hai vahi Jo Rama rachi rakha! Ko kari tark badha vahi sakha !!

That is, only that will happen which has been written by Rama in your fate. Therefore why should one give arguments and increase the quarrel. The meaning is that every incident in life whether it is big or small is pre determined by fate and which cannot be changed in any way by any means.

Measure only gives this much benefit to you as an umbrella may save you from being drenched in drizzling rain, the umbrella cannot save you from heavy rains. Some work may be got done through the help of society, but a great deed cannot be got done with the help of society or society fails to get one released from punishment in a great crime. Therefore it is only man's prayer to Almighty God for obtaining wisdom that can be fruitful and may grant a happy and prosperous life. Therefore, let us make daily prayer to god for the well being of humanity. Do good, let there be good for all; what is good in the end is always good.