Learn Astrology
Having known all these virtues and facts about Astrology it is pissible that the curiosity to learn Astrology should how grown in you. Even if it has not grown in you, even then each individual should learn Astrology in order to make a proper use of his time so that he may be benefited by it himself, and those who are unemployed may make it a means of earning income. Now a days the science of astrology is a very good source of earning income. One can also get respect and honour in society and in the country; the demand of the astrologer has increased in many spheres (fields) of life like industry, Police department, medical department etc. and in the coming times it will be greatly increased so much so that the shortage of Astrologers will be strongly felt. Therefore, one has to make firm resolution of learning astrology.

Now if you want to learn astrology you must at once contact:

Chintaharan Jyotish Kendra
Kathera Bazar, Jwalapur
Uttarakhand (India)

Note: Facility is available to teach K.P. and K.B. Jyotish (in Hindi) also. For more information send Rs. 100/- by money order and get the prospectus.

Be careful: You should be careful against the astrologers cheating you by pointing out in you Kundli or Horoscope of Kaalsarp Dosha or Pitra Dosha, Panauti of Shani (Saturn), Dhayya of Shani, Shadhe Shati of Shani, Period (Dasa) of Shani, as they are not accurate astrologers and therefore they scare people taking recourse to these doshas or defects in the horoscope.

Beware of such astrologers as do not charge fees for astrological consultation or who say to you “Give fees according to your reverence in me. Such astrologers are cheating you indirectly through Anusthans or Diamonds because Astrology is a subject like other professional subjects means to earning income and livelihood and therefore charging fees from the client or customer is not improper and unfair.